Christopher Ortiz
SEO Specialist

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Successful marketers use cutting edge tools; some are available to the public, some are not.

Since I became involved in internet marketing, I have personally developed three different programs to assist in establishing search engine rankings for my own websites.

Most hardcore marketers will have their own tools and they will not share them with anyone. Unless you engage in online marketing full time, it is difficult to impossible to outrank the professional marketers who have custom designed software developed strictly for online marketing.

Want to perform your own SEO? Want to generate your own traffic?

You will need the programs and services listed on this page.

Here are a few other excellent tools for online marketing:


Keyword Research
Attention! Google recently included "total monthly search volume" in their keyword tool. What does this mean? It means the best keyword research tool you can possibly have is FREE! There's no need to pay for programs or services any longer. Just use Google's free keyword tool. It's everything you need for proper keyword research.


Article Writing
White Smoke - If you're not a naturally strong writer, this program will work wonders for beefing up your prose. Even seasoned writers will find this program beneficial.


Social Bookmarking
Bookmarking Demon - This software makes social bookmarking a breeze. If you are into automation, this software can literally save you hundreds of hours of work time.


Directory Submission
Although there are many types of directory-submission programs available, I can't recommend any of them at this time. It is best to do this by hand. If and when I find a program that is safe to use, I will post a link to it here.

Domain Registering & Hosting
Namecheap - $8.88 per year to register a domain. I don't know if it's the cheapest, but that's certainly affordable for practically everyone. Plus, they have free WHOIS guard, forwarding, redirecting, etc. Their user panel is extremely easy to navigate and make changes to any of your domains. I use Namecheap exclusively.
Hostgator - Baby Hosting starts at $10 a month. Their user panel is easy to use and allows unlimited sub-domains. I use Hostgator exclusively.


Aweber - The best online list manager available, and only $20 a month. Easily generate forms, organize unlimited lists, create double opt-ins for higher quality leads, and send out plain or HTML rich emails with the push of a button.


Conversion Tracking
Xtreme Conversions - Analytics is a great, free tracking tool that is mostly accurate. If you want to get serious about tracking your visitors, Xtreme Conversions is the way to go. The sales page is very "pitchy", so be warned! But the product is genuine and works wonders for finding converting keywords.


If you would like to leverage the power of thousands of online marketers to promote your website, I recommend ShareASale. You will only pay out commissions when a successful transaction occurs. I've been promoting their clients for over a year. They are an outstanding network with a great interface.