Christopher Ortiz
SEO Specialist

Attn: At this time, I am only offering article writing services for your website. $375 setup + $375 per month, no contract. Contact me for further information.

Managing your PPC campaigns is a job in itself. If you don't have the time or desire to learn how to create, edit, and manage your campaigns, I can certainly help you. You can reach me at (714) 483-7667 to discuss your campaigns.

I charge a $150 setup fee and $250 a month for ongoing PPC management. No contract required. That is based on 2 or less hours work per week. If your campaign is larger and requires more time, the price goes up.

Adwords is much trickier than people realize. You need to incorporate the product, the ad, and the targeted consumer into all facets of your campaigns, including their geographic location. Slight changes can make a huge difference in your pay-per-click conversion ratio.

Another key factor to Adwords and general paid-traffic success is having a proper landing page. Most businesses throw their money away on ppc clicks because they are sending paid traffic to a poorly optimized landing page. If you contact me about managing your Adwords campaign and I feel your landing page is poorly designed, I will not run your Adwords campaign until you improve it.

Facebook is another great PPC environment. If you haven't used it, I suggest you take a look at their interface. You can narrow down your target audience by many factors, including age, location, marital status, hobbies, and sex. Facebook is really the new form of PPC marketing and most social networks are adopting a similar interface. Myspace is similar to Facebook, although they introduced their PPC network almost a year later. Two other networks that are great for PPC and CPM are AdBrite and Adsonar.

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You can reach practically any consumer by using the above listed PPC and CPM networks.