Christopher Ortiz
SEO Specialist

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Lead generation is not as easy as people might think. Your landing page must be designed to specifically encourage visitors to either pick up the phone and call you or submit their information for you to call them.

I get a lot of people asking me how they can improve their "professionally designed" websites that are failing to produce results. More often than not, I'm cringing when I see these elaborately designed websites that cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

If you have paid thousands of dollars for a website, more than likely you purchased what I like to call "non-profit websites". Businesses purchase these websites and then start spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a pay-per-click campaign and receive zero results. Their next thought is: "Internet Marketing doesn't work!"

If you want a successful website, you need to turn to a successful online marketer, not a professional web design company; design-work and lead generation are two very different skill sets.

To better understand why you need to seek an online marketer for advice, consider this scenario: Let's say you have a very successful fast food restaurant and you want to expand your market share in your local neighborhood. Who would you choose to get advice from: a marketing company or an established graphic designer?

Web designers get lost in their own design and they forget why a website exists to begin with: to establish new customer relationships.

If you're tired of poor results and you're ready to make the necessary changes in order to have a successful website, please give me a call at (714) 483-7667.